Wednesday, October 30

October= Breast Cancer Awareness GIVEAWAY!

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month I am hosting a give away!
The prize is 2 Pampered Chef products that are only available during the "Help Whip Cancer" campaign & a prayer book that I have used for years but has recently taught me how to pray for my bestie, Jenna, as she fights her fight against breast cancer. (LOVE YOU, JEN)

To get your name into the random drawing you need to leave me any kind of comment on THIS post before November 7th.

These are the 3 items being given away:::
Mini Scoop N Measure. (The one I will be giving away is pink)

Cake Tester (You would use this anytime you reach for a tooth pick to see if your cake, brownies, bread is finished) I love this tool & use is alllll the time!


  1. Very proud of Jenna! You are also an inspiring friend.

  2. tried commenting from my phone, didn't go through... booo... pick me pick me

  3. i looooove pampered chef items!!
    Praying for you Jenna!

  4. Such a fun giveaway! Blessed to call you and Jenna Friends! :)

  5. Love this! And how do I not have a cake tester?! Send this stuff straight to Florida thanks ;)

  6. I love pampered chef. What a blessing it is to have a friend like you Julie. A friend that cares so much. I friend that prays hard. May God heal your friend and bless you both in the days to come!

  7. I love pampered chef. What a blessing to have a friend like you Julie. A friend that loves and prays so hard. May God bless you and your friend. Prayers for her fight with breast cancer...