Friday, October 18

I won't always

These past several weeks have been hard on the "Mommy Front": Evie is getting 4 teeth on top, oh they are just below the surface. She is super whinny & insists that I hold her; almost constantly. She is up 4-5 times at night!
 Also, bc Cora has given up naps she too is more whinny & sassy than normal.
Especially, during "The witch's hour" I have been trying to be patient & offer grace to my girls. Some days it is harder than others but I have been reminded by the Holy Spirit during several situations that
I won't always.......

...Have a precious {fussy} baby at my feet while cooking dinner

...Be able to soothe her {teething} pain by rocking her (for hours). Someday, her pain will be caused by things much more out of my control...

...Have such an {extensive, long & tiring} bedtime routine w these beauties!

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