Wednesday, October 30

30 by 30~ October

Blog Related:::
1. Host a blog give away. DONE. I held 1 in early June to celebrate my 250th post. Yay!
2. Host a guest post. DONE. For World Breast Feeding week I "interviewed" a friend, Ruth Nelson. Read about it here.
3. Keep up on blog series I have started (Happy Homemaker Monday, 2 on 2 & Pinterest Projects) So Far, So Good!

Home Related:::
4. Organize & de-clutter every room in the house month by month (Ex: May= our master bedroom, June= Cora's room, July= Living room etc.) The rooms are coming along and it feels great to be decluttering & organizing.
5. Make several different household products. I tested several ways to clean w vinegar here is Part 1 and Part 2 & made Foaming Hand Soap. This month I made dryer sheets read what I did here
6. Cook something for my freezer at least once a week. This month: took it easy this month. My freezer is plenty full...
7. Have a garage sale. DONE. Happened in April. I made about $70 I have sold things using Facebook & have made $99 in 1 week. :)
8. Add 'curb appeal' to our home (shrubs,grass, flowers, stone work etc.)
9. Plant something I've never planted in my garden. DONE.We planted strawberries!
10. Hang an outside clothes line

Family Related:::
11. Go on a few dates w/ Kenny. Anniversary dinner at 157, Dish in July Mid-October we went on a lunch date to Pikks in Valpo :)
12. Plan a Shipshewana, IN trip. DONE.We went mid-August.
13. Plan something special for Ken's 30th birthday (September) DONE!  
14. Document the year through pictures/Be more intentional w/ new camera
15. Take girls to the zoo. DONE.We went for Father's day.
16. Teach Cora the the letters of the alphabet
17. Open saving accounts for girls
18. Get back on track using coupons, price matching, staying w/i our weekly grocery budget So Far, So Good
19. Go on a family vacation DONE. WE WENT TO FLORIDA FOR 11 DAYS IN MARCH!

For Me:::
20. Lose baby weight (I'll do this slowly b/c I'm nursing. I will not start a crazy diet plan. My plan is simple: eat healthy, walk & give it time!) DONE!!!
21. Treat myself to a manicure OR pedicure. DONE. Went w/ some friends in May
22. Do something totally different with my hair, DONE. read this post.
23. Do something special for my 30th birthday (in February)
24. Create & implement a daily cleaning schedule (I have seen tons of these online but none work for me. I need a personalized one)
25. Start journaling my bible reading time. I am in 1 Peter. I am following Priscilla Shirer's 5 Ps of bible study.

For Others:::
26. Do something neighborly for at least 2 of my neighbors. We took Key Lime Cookies to our neighbors Jim & Rose & we also delivered a dozen sweet corn to another neighbor.
27. Get more involved in our Preschool program at church. DONE.
28. Teach at least 1 friend how to pressure and/or water bath can DONE. I pressured canned w my mom
29. Be a bell ringer for Salvation Army during the Christmas season (I wanted to do this this past Christmas but thought of it too late & couldn't get it scheduled)
30. Act out at least 3 random acts of kindness (No plan for this- I will wait for the Holy Spirit to guide me)

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