Wednesday, January 15

2014 starts Real Food/Clean Eating

2014 is bringing a change to our home- Real/Clean Eating.
I studied nutrition/dietetics in college (never graduated, but that is a post for another day) so I have known for years the benefits of healthy eating and for the most part I feed my family healthy. I've had a garden for years, canned as much possible & tried to make the best choices in the grocery store. But until recently, preservatives, food dyes & other additives never bothered me much; especially since I could get convenience foods dirt cheap using coupons. And thus, my problem, breakfast, snacks & lunches. Dinners I make at home are healthy & already "real food" by using yields from my garden, meats from a good source & good fats.
I am hoping to replace the junk food I bought at the store w/ real food from my freezer. Thursday, I spent the day making mini-banana muffins & refried beans. After a small taste test everything went into my freezer for later use. I have several other homemade replacement recipes I plan to try: cream of celery soup, almond milk, tortillas, almond butter brownies....
I am excited to feed my family better and am anxious to see what changes I notice.

What changes are you making in 2014?

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