Monday, January 20

Happy Homemaker Monday (1-20-14)

Bible verse, Devotional::: "You don't have to know Everything {about the bible} to go & tell the good news of Jesus!"

The weather::: A possible 12" of snow coming in tonight & then temps drop into negatives. Ekkk! Looks like we'll be staying in for a few days! But that is ok w me....I'll just cook!

On my reading pile::: I ordered Lisa TerKeurst's "Crave" but I STILL haven't received it yet!

On the menu for this week:::
Soup (not sure what kind though)
lamb meatballs (trying to come up w a recipe myself)

Cooking for the Freezer: homemade cream of celery soup (I didn't get it made last week)

Tip/trick/useful information::: Your kids will never notice spinach/kale in smoothies ;)

Today's To Do list::: Not much, Cora isn't feeling well. So we are staying home.

Posts I am working on::: Uses for Vinegar- Part III

Looking around the house::: Cora is eating breakfast next to me & watching a princess movie, Ev is destroying the living room.

Highlight of the past weekend::: Celebrating Evie's birthday

Looking forward to this week::: 70 degree temps...oh wait...

What Cora has to say::: Upon receiving a card from an IL friend: "Oh my goodness, I have to put this picture next to my bed bc Makaela is my best friend & I won't be seeing her for awhile. Oh, I miss her."

From the camera:::

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  1. hahaha! Evie, sure did enjoy her birthday cake.