Wednesday, January 29

Already ANNOYED w the "Real Eating" Community

Loved this! :)

Here is why I am annoyed: I have visited numerous blogs, read several articles & "liked" a few pages on Facebook devoted to Real Eating. I have already come across several articles that discuss the topic of real eating/clean eating being just as affordable as your old ways. That simply is not true!
-Organic Anything is more expensive than non-organic
-Pure maple syrup & honey are more than double the price of the generic brand
-Grass fed beef/free range chicken costs more
-Greek yogurt is double the price of Yoplait
-Raw sugar & whole wheat flour cost more than the refined, white variations
-Cooking Oils, Oh my! Coconut, olive & cod liver oils are extremely more costly than vegetable/corn oils.

Here are some examples of items I have NOT started buying (due mainly to cost) even though the Real Eating community suggests:::
-Organic milk & dairy
-Eggs from free range chickens
-Organic produce
-Cod liver oil (I love olive oil & will continue to use it)
-Grass fed beef (I have a freezer full of beef & I know it came from a good source)

I was not naive about the cost of swapping Real ingredients & I am not complaining. I just don't understand why so many Real Eating bloggers claim "you won't notice a change in your grocery bill." The truth is you will notice an increase & you have to be the one to decide what changes you can afford & which changes matter most to you!


  1. Very well put. I have the same issue with some of the reading/research I have done. Maybe if you are just feeding one or 2 you wouldn't notice a huge difference in cost because you wouldn't be using it as fast. But as a family grows, it really is hard to keep a food budget together when looking for the 'best" as they say.

  2. I think you should just keep a chicken then you can get organic eggs for cheap :) wishing all communities would allow folks to keep pet chickens. since you don't need a rooster for eggs there's really no noise factor ...and your eggs are much healthier. thats why i sell mine for only a dollar a dozen trying to help folks eat better.