Friday, January 6

Friday's Freezer Friendly Food-Carrots

I know its been awhile since a "Friday Freezer Friendly" post. I have a few ideas for the next couple weeks, so I hope to keep them coming! This week's F.F.F.F. is on CARROTS! This post will probably be too late for most of you but not for me b/c my father- in- law picked carrots on New Years Day! And because this winter has been so mild these carrots are perfect! This past fall I canned 7 pints of carrots but I decided to freeze these since I didn't have a large quantity Here's what I did:

1. Wash carrots
2. Peel carrots
3. Cut to desired size/shape
4. Drop into boiling water for 3 minutes if carrots are chopped or diced (5 minutes if carrots are whole)
5. Strain in colander and rinse w/ cold water
6. Once cooled, transfer to Ziploc freezer bags in 1.5-2 c. portions & label. Freeze for up to 6 months.
-Use in soups, stir frys, casseroles or serve as a side. I know at least Sweet Pea loves carrots!

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  1. I don't boil mine first. I just chop and put in baggies. Then freeze. When I need them, I pull one out and run it under hot water just so I can break it up and toss into whatever I am making. I do this for all veggies, including potatoes. It works great for me.