Wednesday, January 4

Happy Homemaker Monday

Happy Homemaker Monday Wednesday?!?!?! I was still out of town Monday and Tuesday I was busy busy around the house. Here's to a blessed week-Just think- It's now half over :)

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The weather::: Blah, its suppose to be 40 today- 50 on Friday. Still no snow :(

On my reading pile::: Finish up Laura Bush's biography before woman's bible starts back up.

On my TV::: Nothing right now.

On the menu for this week:::
Monday - Meatloaf, green beans & applesauce {beans and applesauce canned by yours truly}
Tuesday - Leftovers
Wednesday -  Chicken & dumplings
Thursday - Leftovers
Friday - Whole wheat spaghetti pomodoro & cottage cheese
Saturday - Breakfast= Crepes. Lunch= "Mustgoes" as Dawn says. Dinner= Coconut curry beef over rice
Sunday - Brunch= Eggs & potatoes. Dinner= Leftovers

{I am luckily Ken likes leftovers :)}

On my to do list::: Grocery shopping & bank, finish taking down Christmas decorations & make a few phone calls...

What I am creating::: Hopefully more laundry soap. I bought all the necessary ingredients before Christmas but never made it.

Looking around the house::: BARE w/o Christmas decorations.

From the camera::: Would you believe I didn't take 1 picture over Christmas break??? Ooops!

Something fun to share::: I am already working on a "Product Review" post of some of the gifts I received for Christmas, Stay Tuned!

On my prayer list::: Friends: healing of ill children, healthy pregnancies & stable marriages.

Bible verse, Devotional::: "If the Lord allows"- From Sunday's New Year's day service!


  1. let my know how you like the biography looking for something to read :)

  2. Help! I need some healthier dessert recipes. Any suggestions? I need to replace the pie or cake that I make on the week ends.

  3. Sometimes we get so busy that we do end up not taking any pics lol

    I'm lucky that my family likes leftovers too, definitely makes it easier to get rid of stuff in the fridge :)