Monday, February 4

Happy Homemaker Monday

The weather:::

On my reading pile::: Unglued by Lysa Turkurst

On my TV::: Dora

On the menu for this week:::
Monday - Blessed by a friend
Tuesday - Coconut curry beef over rice
Wednesday - Blessed by a friend
Thursday - Dinner w my parents
Friday - Blessed by a friend
Saturday - Tacos
Sunday - Veggie lasagna

On my to do list today::: Laundry-that's it!!!

My "project" of the week month::: (I changed this to project of the month! Each month I am going to do a total reorganize/declutter of a certain room in our home. February is going to be the extra bedroom. I hope to post pictures and progress through out the month...)

Looking around the house::: Messy. Not dirty just lots of bags to unpack and wonderful gifts to find homes for!

From the camera::: Check out this post for pictures from our past 3 weeks

Highlight of the past weekend::: Traveling to IN to show off our new baby

Looking forward to this week::: My bday today, Mom's Life leadership meeting Tuesday & my folks visiting Thursday!

Bible verse, Devotional::: Philippians 4:11 "For I have learned to be content in whatever circumstances I am."

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