Friday, February 22

Snow Ice Cream

We finally got a good snow!!! It has been 2 years since we have had a snow that was worthy to play in! I got baby Evie to sleep then Cora & I headed out to play! We did the usual: throw snowballs at Bailey, made a snowman & made snow angels. We found yellow snow compliments of Bailey & I took the opportunity to teach Cora about YELLOW SNOW!!!! Ewww!
We didn't get to play long because baby Evie woke. So we went in & made snow ice cream! Ever tried it? I thought it  was pretty good! Definatly a fun thing to do & we will do it again!

Snow Ice Cream- measurements are approx. because you can add more or less of anything depending on your taste!
Snow approx. 8 cups
Milk approx. 1 cup (I used whole milk)
Sugar approx. 1/2 cup
Vanilla approx. 1/4 tsp.

- In a large bowl whisk milk, sugar & vanilla
-Add snow & mix
-Taste & adjust ingredients to your liking

Enjoying her creation w some chocolate syrup added :)

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