Friday, February 22

Pinterest Project- " Rainbow Craft Time"

It has been 5 1/2 weeks since baby Evelyn arrived! We are settling into life as a family of 4 & it is wonderful! The past couple of weeks she has been sleeping better & is more predictable. Since things are getting easier with the baby I feel like I need to get back on track w/ Cora. Since Evie was born and probably even several weeks before, I have been lazy when it came to Cora. I was tired & just getting through the day. I let her watch way too much tv, play too many games on my phone & I just did not spend good teaching time w/ her.But now it is time to be more intentional through out our day again!

Lil Miss Cora absolutely loves "craft time" as she calls it! Although I enjoy sitting at the table spending time with her, I am not crafty! So I turned to a website probably none of you have heard of....Pinterest for ideas!!! ;) {That's right I joined Pinterest--Something I said I never would do.} I found several ideas that I want to do w/ Cora & I hope to post regularly about our progress.

Cora loved making this craft as she  also snacked on the cereal! She did a lot better than I expected at matching the colors. I thought she would just glue cereal anywhere. You can tell by the finished project though that she got bored w/ the craft? Hey, she's only 2 1/2!

It's suppose to be a rainbow :)

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