Saturday, February 23

Soft Pretzel Bites

One of my favorite snacks is a soft pretzel! I enjoy all kinds savory or sweet! Warm with dipping sauces like cheese, mustard, and/or marinara. Or sweet pretzels with icing or chocolate. Are you drooling yet?

When I was pregnant I craved pretzels & so badly wanted to try a recipe but I just never had the energy so I bought frozen ones instead.Yesterday, I finally tried this recipe. I thought they were super easy but here are a few tips::
-I think next time I'll make them into sticks to make the process go faster.
-When rolling them into desired shape use minimum amount of flour possible. B/c the flour makes the water foam when you drop them into boil.
-Be sure to whisk your egg really well.
-Check on them often. Mine cooked a lot quicker than recipe states.
-If you have a Pampered Chef stone, use it & skip parchment paper step. Works great!
-Add more salt than you would think because a substantial amount falls off when transferring pretzels.

My intentions where to freeze a good amount of these. But after Ken, Cora & I all "taste tested" there was not enough to freeze! So, I'll be making these again for my freezer as a quick & easy snack!

I have since made another batch & they made it into the freezer! When ready to eat pull out desired amount & microwave for 25-45 seconds depending on how many.

Savory bites that we dipped in a mustard/cheese sauce

Sweet bites that we dipped in Nutella

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