Monday, February 4

Introducing Evelyn Marlo

IT'S A GIRL!!! Evelyn Marlo made her entrance on Monday, January 14th.  8lbs. 1 oz. and 19 in. long!

I am a little late on introduction because she is 3 weeks old today but being a mom of 2 keeps me BUSY! Especially since lil Miss Evie likes to eat every 1.5hours!

We are all adjusting well. Cora Mae is in LOVE w/ her "little baby", as she likes to call her. We have ventured to the store w/ Ken, church alone for bible study and this past weekend we all traveled to IN to visit family. Evelyn is a good baby & we feel so blessed to have another sweet princess to love!

Minutes old

 Hours old

2 days old, day we got home from hospital & meeting Big Sis
1 week old

2 weeks & right where she belongs
2 weeks
Awww isn't she beautiful???
Baby Evelyn meeting Great Gramma Evelyn

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