Tuesday, May 7

Pinterest Projects-45 Uses for Vinegar Part 1

I recently found this site  via Pinterest w/ 45 home uses for vinegar! LOVED it. I have since tried a few of the uses & plan to try more in the future:::

 38. Clean the dishwasher and coffee pot. Reduce soap buildup and food residue by pouring a cup of vinegar into your empty dishwasher or coffee pot once a month and letting it run a full cycle. My mother-in-law told me this years ago when my coffee pot stopped working. I tried it & it fixed the problem. I do not do it once a month and this reminded me it has been awhile. So I ran vinegar through my coffee pot!
23. Steam away a microwave mess. Fill a small bowl with equal parts hot water and vinegar, and place it in the microwave on high for 5 minutes. As the steam fills the microwave, it loosens the mess, making clean up a breeze.   

OMG- So embarrassed to show you this!  But Hey, let's just blame the newborn I have. She hasn't allowed me time to wipe out my microwave?

I used a Pyrex bowl w/ equal parts vinegar & water. Cooked it for 3 minutes & wiped out. All the gunk came off so easily! Looks great, Right?

9. Wipe off a dirty faucet. To get rid of lime buildup, make a paste of 1 teaspoon vinegar and 2 tablespoons salt. Apply to sink fixtures and rub with a cloth.
Embarrassed again :/ I admit I have tried & tried to get my sick clean. I wipe it down daily from hairs, tooth paste etc. But I can never get the brownish stain out. (My mom actually got it really clean when she was here w/ Commet. But I ran out & didn't want to buy more) I tried just Vinegar & Salt but that didn't seem to do the trick. So I then added baking soda & let it sit & bubble for about 5 minutes. I scrubbed really hard & rinsed w/ warm water.....

Another Before picture

Best part? Cora could help me! When I use chemicals to clean I don't even allow her in the bathroom. She loved helping me!

Turned out great!


       26. Rinse fruits and vegetables. Add 2 tablespoons white distilled vinegar to one pint water. Use the mixture to wash fresh fruits and vegetables, then rinse thoroughly. The solution kills more pesticide residue
Just so happened I got strawberries super cheap a few days ago & hadn't gotten them washed yet. So I tried this tip! Cora was again helping me & she was worried the strawberries would taste sour. (B/c she smelled the vinegar & saw me put it on the berries)

But they passed her taste test. "Not sour, Mommy!"

I didn't see this particular idea on the list. It came to me as I was reading up on vinegar. B/c I do not have a dishwasher it's hard to get Cora's sippy cups clean. I usually soak them in dish soap. But this time I tried hot water & vinegar. To no surprise- it worked awesome! :)

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