Friday, August 2

2 on 2~ August

My little Miss Evelyn is 6.5 month old! I've started her on rice cereal, squash, carrots & green beans. She is sleeping horrible theses days; up at least 3x at night. She is proving to be just like her big sister & having a hard time with teething. {This too shall pass} She weighs an even 14lbs (8oz. smaller than Cora at this age). She is almost crawling, gets up on all fours & rocks but not on the move yet...

Cora Mae is my "big helper girl", as she likes to call herself! She has been enjoying the summer & all the trips to Indiana that we've been taking. She just loves her cousins. She likes to get herself ready in the morning as I wrote about in this post. I am not enrolling her in preschool this year b/c I am having too much fun w/ her being home w/ me. She's got the rest of her life to be in school, right? :)

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