Thursday, August 22

A Garden of Joy

I recently found this in a book I am reading. I thought it was perfectly-cute. (I like to make up my own words)
I hope you planted several of these, if not all, in your garden this year & I hope you are tending to it. Happy "Gardening"!

For a Garden of Joy:
First, plant 5 rows of Peas;
Promptness and

Plant 3 rows of Squash:
Squash Gossip
Squash Criticism
Squash indifference

5 rows of Lettuce:
Let us be faithful to duty
Let us be unselfish
Let us be truthful
Let us follow Christ
Let us love one another

No garden is complete w/o Turnips:
Turn up for church
Turn up w a smile
Turn up w new ideas
Turn up w determination to make everything count as good and worthwhile.
-Author Unknown


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