Wednesday, August 28

Pinterest Projects- Cinnamon Swirl pancakes & Bath paints

I tried 2 "pins" from Pinterest this week. 1 a flop 1 a success!
Have you seen that perfect picture floating around Facebook of cinnamon swirl pancakes? Looks so so yummy! Well I made them Saturday morning. They were a FLOP! (Pun intended ;)
  1. The recipe would feed an army, which is NOT what my family is
  2. Wayyyy too sweet & I even left off the "cream cheese icing"
  3. The recipe says to add the cinnamon filling then to flip the pancake. When I did that the cinnamon filling seeped out & burned all over the pan.
Although Cora love them, I will not be making these again!
The second idea I got from Pinterest was bath paints! Cora absolutely loved these. As she was helping me mix up the paints she said "Mommy, I just LOVE you!" about 5 times :) It took no time to make 3 colors & well worth her excitement. She had a great time using them during bath time & to my surprise they weren't as messy as I expected. This batch will last us awhile but when they are out I will defiantly make these again for lil Miss MaeMae!
1/4 c. corn starch
1-2 tbsp water
food coloring, a few drops
1/4 c. shampoo or body wash
-Mix in order given. Store in a baby food jar or a container similar in size. (The recipe makes about 3/4c. total)

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