Thursday, August 29

Why I am Anti-Aldi... least during this phase of life!

I don't like to blog my complaints. But I thought this post might be helpful and/or maybe you might have comments/tips that could change my mind? So leave me a comment if you disagree w my opinions of Aldi!
On Monday, I decided to give Aldi another try. Oy, just as I thought, I have determined the store designed to simplify grocery shopping only gives me headaches.

-Shopping carts: Since Evie was sleeping in her seat, I had to carry her seat & hold Cora's hand, across the parking lot to even get to the carts. Then put the everything on the ground to do the quarter deposit. (I had thought ahead & had Cora hold the quarter before we unloaded from the van. Thankfully, she didn't drop it in the parking lot)  I loaded both girls in the cart & in we went.
-Limited variety: So, I still had to go another store. (In the winter months or rainy days loading & unloading the girls is a chore in itself let alone more than one time)
-Prices weren't much cheaper: With the exception of milk being .61 cheaper than what I normally pay. I did buy a few other items: lettuce @ .99, bananas @ .44lb, cinnamon bread @ 1.99, English muffins @ .99, & toilet paper @ 4.99. (But w coupons and/or sales I can get these prices at any store)
-Public bathrooms?: I don't think they do but I'm not sure. Cora had to potty but we were almost finished & instead of asking/going on a search I made her wait until we got to Walmart.
-Cash or debit only!: Not a deal breaker but we pay w everything on our credit card bc we have an excellent rewards program.
-Bring your own bags: I actually like to use my own bags. Saves on waste & they hold more. But when you have to walk a good distance to get to your grocery cart, bags are just 1 more thing to carry. And if you forget bags you have to purchase them.
-Pack my own groceries. Again, not a deal breaker just more of a pain. Bc I had 2 kids in the cart the cashier had to stuff my groceries anywhere they would fit. So, when I went to pack them I had to reach under Evie's seat & lift her seat to reach the items.
-Returning the cart: First, I always return my cart. No matter the store, quarter deposit or not- But to do that I normally park a close distance to the cart corral. But at Aldi I had to load girls in van, then load groceries & bc I am a super paranoid mom, LOCK the van, walk across the lot, return my cart & get back my *prized* quarter!

This list might seem silly. Each bullet point is minor & none would cause me to stop shopping at a store. But all of these together is what make my experience at Aldi not worth it! Sure there are things at Walmart, Target & Kroger that annoy me. But maybe just 1 thing at each store.
 Keep in mind, I do my grocery shopping during the week, taking the girls w me & I acknowledge that this is a big part factor in my opinions.

After all that; let me say:
The store was clean
The aisles were big to fit their fantastically large carts
The cashier was friendly & fast

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