Thursday, May 2

2 on 2~May

Evelyn is 3 1/2 months old! She rolled over {back to front} for the first time this weekend. But just a few times since. I also moved her into her own room this past weekend. I didn't know how she'd do bc until Saturday night I had never ever laid her in there. Ooops! But she is sleeping good in her room. Thanks, noise maker :) I've noticed her 0-3mo clothes are getting small on her :( Time to swap out for 3-6mo I guess!

Cora is loving the spring weather that we've been blessed w the past few days. In fact, yesterday when we were outside she said "This is a lovely day!" :) Cute, huh? We've been walking to the park every day!

In the stroller! Ready to Ride!

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