Friday, May 31

Clutter Busting Challenge- Week 5

So this is the final week of Money Saving Mom's Clutter Busting Challenge. This week got hard to find items but I did find at least 7 items everyday! I am so glad I did this challenge.  YAY! My home feels lighter & so much better. It's not to late for you- Make June your decluttering month!
Monday May 27th: I cleaned out my purse. Funny, how many things are Cora's!

Tuesday May 28th: I went through my stock pile for things to donate

Wednesday May29th; 12 items for a garage sale or donation

Thursday May 30th: I cleaned out my pantry. Sorry, this picture is horrible but I threw away 7 old items.  

Friday May 31st: Went through 3months clothes & found these items to put into a garage sale.

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