Friday, May 17

Clutter Busting Challenge- Week 3

Week 3 of Money Saving Mom's Clutter Busting Challenge. This week I was organizing my room. Sadly, I easily found items to throw away. My room feels so much lighter. I wish I had taken the time to do this a long time ago! I don't know why I let these old items stick around so long!

Monday May 13th: 10 old Tshirts & 1 pair of pants

Tuesday May 14th: Old, clumpy  nail polish

Wednesday May 15th: 5 purses

Thursday May 16th: 15 camis, 2 long sleeved shirts, 2 pairs of slipper & 1 pair of shoes

Friday May 17th: Finishing up my bedroom= 3 books that are just going back into boxes for future use, 2 bracelets, 1 Olive Garden pin, a ring box & deodorant I didn't like!

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