Friday, May 3

Clutter Busting Challenge- Week 1

Money Saving Mom is doing a series called "Clutter Busting Challenge". Each week day in May she is encouraging her readers to find at least 7 things to throw away, donate, sell, recycle etc. Initially, I thought "Oh man, I just went through the house looking for things to sell at the garage sale. I'll never find 7 things everyday!!!"
But then I realized that is why this is called a "Challenge". So every day in May I hope to find 7 things to Get Ride Of! Most items I'll be throwing away!  Instead of posting every day I plan on posting a recap of the week on Fridays!
Here goes Week 1:::

Wednesday May 1: My junk drawer= Old phone cord? What? Baby gate attachments, old blender papers, kitchen cabinet handles. I can't believe this stuff has been in this drawer for so long!

Thursday May 2: Under my kitchen sink= vases, old curtains from when we bought our house, old vacuum attachments, lunch sack & a bag full of bags HAHA + an old mop

Thursday May 3: Rounding out the kitchen= Old white board that I can't write on, Dog treats that Bailey doesn't like, old pens & paper, old remote, & basting brushes that leave "hairs" on food!!!


  1. Oh man! I think I'm going to start this next week! My MOPS group is having a garage sale in May, I'm sure I can find plenty of stuff to add to my pile:) Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. I have been inspired Julie! I am starting today... I think I will shoot for 21 things to get caught up, my clutter collection can handle the challenge! Thanks!