Friday, May 10

Clutter Busting Challenge- Week 2

So far I am NOT having any problems finding 7 things to throw away every day! Love this challenge.

Monday May 5: Bathroom Drawers= Old travel bag, foot scrubber, Toilet paper holder, old make up, broken bracelet & Olive Garden name pins. Uh, haven't worked there for 3 years why did I still have those???

Tuesday May 7: Bathroom drawers= gummy cough drops, shoe inserts, old razor, make-up sponges, bath salts & old lotions & room spray.

Wednesday May 8: Bathroom= Gross bath toys, old razor charger & razors, after shave that Ken didn't like & miscellaneous things from my make-up drawer.

Thursday May 9: Living room= Diapers that Cora puts on her babies, 2 trinkets she never plays with & old magazines & phone book.

Friday May 9: Cora's room: 8 items she doesn't play with!


  1. You've done great with this challenge!

  2. Children's room is my next go to spot. Hope to get through it this week!