Wednesday, May 11

Beautifully, Perfect Creation

Here are a few updated pictures of Miss Mae! She is changing everyday! She is getting so brave, independent and inquisitive! Its so fun watching her grow! She'll be 14 months next week! Not walking yet but taking several steps w/o falling. Still working on a tooth to break through- Its so close! Her favorite drink is still water.....Wouldn't you think warm milk w/ Ovaltine would do the trick?!?!? She is actually better about drinking her milk that way but its still hit or miss.....
Thank you Lord for entrusting me with your most beautifully, perfect creation yet ;)

Mother's Day 2011 (After we changed out of our pretty church clothes)  Ken was at the library studying.
 This was the best I could get!

She always puts rags on her head. She has a great sense of humor :)

She is getting so big! I don't see a baby anymore but a toddler
Fun day on our brand new yard!

Hehe hot and sweaty from playing outside!

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  1. Can't wait to see you again Cora! You're getting to be such a big girl!