Tuesday, May 10

A week of Couponing in Review

I hope at least one of you got some ideas from my week's worth of couponing posts! I thought I'd do my last post as a summary!
~ Get coupons online at, and
~Be sure to check out and these are couponing blogs with so much more!
~ Buy the Sunday paper ( if possible- a few copies)
~ Take time to write companies of your favorite products
~ Join social media sites like Facebook and/or Twitter

-The key is waiting for an item to go on sale and then match w a coupon. Thus allowing a very low price. I've read a few different places that sales are on a rotation type schudule. With in 6-12 weeks every item in the store is on sale at least once.
-Print or try to get multipe coupons for items you use regularly. Once that item goes on sale you can buy several and store in your stockpile! My stockpile is an old shelving unit in my basement. (More on my stockpile later)
-Get organized!!! Get a system that works for you! Mine looks like this : a coupon expandable file for storing coupons by catagory. Envelopes w store names on the outside and the coupons I intend to use at that store inside. Also, while shopping I use a small clip board w my gorcery list and coupons to refer back to.

I'm certain there is so much that I forgot to tell you, things I do that I don't even realize! But I plan to continue sharing my adventures in couponing!
Happy Couponing!

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