Friday, May 20

Happy Friday

For those that are also on Facebook- You'll remember something like this on my page there!

He likes his dessert right after dinner- I like to wait a few hours
He leaves the water running while brushing his teeth bc he "likes HOT water" - I turn it off and like ice cold water
He leaves cabinet doors open- Bc it almost gives me a tick---I always close them
He wants to remove another tree from our yard. Going from 4 to 2- I prefer the shade they give
He leaves his clothes on the extra bed, bathroom, floor etc. etc.- Mine go directly into the hamper

He is rational- I tend to get caught up in the hoopla
He is so smart- I'm smart in certain areas, yes, but he is smart in every matter, seriously!
He never quits- uh, I've started and quit college 3 times & still haven't finished- Enough said!
He is a hard worker and the sole provider- I stay home all day w Sweet Pea

But we are also very much alike. Examples being our backgrounds, our love of outdoors, eating habits, Christian beliefs. We are both even tempered, easy going, happy, and content. We are both happy at home on weekends cooking and watching a movie. Ah, but our differences keep us on our toes. Funny how you can be soooo much a like yet so different too! God is oh so GOOD!

From our Yellowstoner trip in '09

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