Thursday, May 19

Your opinions matter... Kind of...

Am I Ghetto or Green?
Ya see we don't have a good place to install a clothes line. {Even if we did- it would be behind many other things on the To Do list} So I use my fence! I don't line dry any personal items seeing as how we live at a 4 way stop ;)

P.S. Look how great our grass looks!!!! Just 2 months ago it was a muddy muddy mess! Mae and I have been having so much fun in our new yard since the weather has been so beautiful!


  1. What's wrong with that? You are green & the blankets will smell fresh. Grass looks great!

  2. kristine bassettMay 19, 2011 at 9:25 PM

    I saw in one of the ads at Menards a "clothes line." It looks like the inside of an umbrella except turned the other way. It sits on a post, so you just put that in the ground. That is on my list, just thought you might like to know about it!