Sunday, May 1


I did my weekly shopping on Saturday for this coming week. Mainly, because we were in town, Mae was napping and Ken offered to stay home. So I went ALONE! It was nice to go w/o Mae (Shhh, don't tell her) I went to 2 stores- Wal-Mart & Walgreens.  I spent $40 LESS than what I normally spend on my weekly groceries! Saved $13.33 in coupons and got all this for FREE!!!!! Check out my meals for this week. I think they are great, healthy options. Proving wrong the idea that the only coupons available are for junk food/frozen/processed items!
Happy Couponing!
All these items cost just under $25. The Snapple and bandaides are free after mail in rebates. So it will be several weeks before I get my money back. But I had to consider them as FREE bc eventually they will be :)

Ok this coffee was my prize this week- even though it wasn't FREE. With my CAT discount card, store sale and coupons, I got each canister for $1.37! Normally I pay around $4 each. Now I've got enough coffee to last a few months. (I put it on the freezer) Haha, maybe a little extreme but I KNOW it will get drank.

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