Friday, May 13

Happy 5th Anniversary!

I've known him since Kindergarten
Dated him since I was 15
And now Married to him for 5 years!
Our story is unique these days but not in our families! High school sweethearts, like both sets of parents! Every morning as he is pulling out of the drive way I thank God for choosing me to be his partner. I am so grateful our hearts were mended to do this journey through life as one. I am so blessed to have a hard working, dedicated and understanding partner!  I know I am the luckiest woman in the world.
Happy 5th Anniversary, Kenneth! I love you so much more everyday!

May 13 2006

Honeymoon in Mexico


  1. Thats awesome, congrats to you guys!!! To think that my story would seriously be identical to yours if my wedding would have taken place just one month after yours at the age of 20. WOW. As much as I would have loved to tell that story, I couldn't imagine my life going any other way than it has. I definitely wouldn't be the person that I am today and fallen madly in love the person that I strongly believe that God had placed with me today. [Nelson] I now have a story to tell my future kids. Went to day care together, went on one date in HS and 7 years later here were are. Now thats a story! =) Sorry had to share! LOL Nice to see you happy and have strong marriage of 5 years with a beautiful baby girl! =)

  2. Such a sweet couple! Happy Anniversary!

  3. Congrats Julie!!!!!

  4. I love your story! It's great...even if a bit lovie dovie! :) It's good. Congrats!