Monday, May 2

A week ALL about Coupons!

A weeks worth of coupon postings. Aren't you excited?!?! Every day I'll share what I do and what works for me!

I signed up for about 2 years ago. I would causally check the site and print a few coupons and if I was lucky those coupons actually made it to the store w me! I felt for the most part, generic store brands were always cheaper, even w a coupon. I had no organization. Couponing just wasn't proving itself. Then this past fall I started this blog and stumbled across other blogs that were about using coupons, spending less, being a "home economist" etc. It took me a few months to read up, get my own system and start seeing the benefits-But oh boy am I!! The trick is matching up store sales w the coupons!! DUH, why didn't I think of that? Also, buy the smallest unit the coupon will allow. This way the percentage saved is higher and certainly another coupon will come out by the time you need to buy that product again! Now I want to share some of my tips to help everyone save a few bucks. Depending on how much time you have to put into it will depend on what you get out of it. Stay tuned and Happy Couponing!

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