Friday, May 6

This is how I coupon~ Part III

Sunday Paper- I know the paper is where most people get their coupons. Originally, I did not want to pay for the paper to only get use out of a few coupons.
Now on Sunday mornings I scurry to my front step, grab the paper, ruffle through for the coupons, briefly skim the rest of the paper and pitch it. Ahhh, seems to be contradict my reduce, recycle, reuse normal way of living. But so, far I have gotten great deals and now I would hate to give up my Sunday paper. I try to give away the coupons for the products I do not use. And I recycle my paper. So hopefully I'm not doing too much harm :) & These are coupon circulars, normally in the Sunday paper. But if your paper doesn't have one or the other you can visit their websites and print coupons. Unfortunately, not all the coupons in the paper are on their website.
Happy Couponing!

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