Thursday, May 5

This is how I coupon~ Part II

Follow social media websites- First, I signed up for a separate Facebook account with the same email I used to email companies. Oringinally, I wasn't using a separate account and my personal Facebook page was bombarded w updates from companies. I like it so much better now because when I log into my "Coupon Facebook" I'm there to just do that- COUPON! I found several pages that I "liked" and am informed of lots of awesome deals. All of my favorite stores, products and even coupon pages. Example: from Snapple's page I got two $1 off coupons & on Heinz page I got one $2 off coupon, allowing me to get a 40oz. bottle of ketchup at Walmart for FREE! And that is just 2 examples I've gotten so many great coupons!
-Follow blogs- Money saving mom, Krazy Coupn Lady, Coupon Mom, The coupon Trainer: are just a few of my favorites :) These sites give great tips and systems. They also match up sales w coupons to get you the most savings. These sites take a lot of time out of couponing!
Happy Couponing!
(I know Twitter is another great resource. I however, don't use it because I don't have a smart phone so Twitter isn't very useful to me)

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