Monday, May 9

This is how I coupon~ Part IV

I realized I never shared!!!! It seems like almost every single online printable coupon are all the same and can be found on You can only print 2 of each coupon per computer before it tells you that you've reached the limit. Ken & I each have laptops so I am able to print a great coupon 4 times! At first I would browse the site and only print the coupons I would use that week for my weekly shopping. But soon I realized that some coupons stay on the site for weeks while others will only remain for days. I'm not exactly sure why?!?! So I now print any coupon that I think I will use. I watch the expiration dates and try to match w a sale to get the lowest price before it expires. By doing this I can get the item at a low price and then store in my stockpile for later use!
Happy Couponing!

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