Tuesday, May 3

This is how I coupon~ Part I

Write Companies- This was a little bit time consuming at first. But I have started to see the benefits. Today, I got coupons worth $5 of FREE Dannon products. Products that I buy weekly! This has been useful because to my knowledge the coupons I've received this way aren't available anywhere else!

- I made a list of products that I buy often
-I made a Word document with a generic letter.
-Then I went to a bunch of websites signed up for "newsletters". An email address is needed for this. I HIGHLY suggest creating a separate email account from your personal/everyday account. Because you'll be bombarded with emails from companies.
- Next I emailed them my generic letter. But first I went through and "UNgenericized" it. I filled in the product name and a little description as to way I liked it so much. Last in the letter, I simply asked for coupons! Because it was done through emails only it cost me nothing to do this except Time!
Good Luck & Happy Couponing!

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